What is HHC?

What is HHC?

Hexahydrocannabinol - that's its technical name!  
This means that it belongs to the Cannabidiol family and is thus an alternative variant to the well-known THC. HHC is a type of cannabis that stimulates activity unlike some other alternatives and does not put the user to sleep. Because HHC occurs naturally in cannabis, some people have probably already ingested the substance. HHC was discovered by an American chemist in 1944. He discovered it by adding one hydrogen molecule to delta-9 THC, creating the HHC we know.Unfortunately, this type of HHC is illegal because it is made from THC. Fortunately, we now know that HHC is also found in cannabis. Thanks to this discovery, a legal version of THC has come into the world. 


CBD is a substance that has no psychoactive effects. CBD is mainly said to have relaxing effects and positive effects on sleep. Whereas with HHC, some users also report psychoactive effects.  A lot of HHC consumers talk about positive experiences. It has helped them, in their words, especially with: sleeping problems, food aversion, mood changes, etc.! Some users in particular mention that they had less stress after taking HHC, were able to relax better, etc.. CBD and HHC can be bought in basically the same variants (flower, vape foam, cartridge....) Only so far HHC has had a more positive effect! 


In the Czech Republic, THC concentration is allowed up to a maximum of 1%. Thus THC cannot have its full effects.
THC in small to medium doses can induce a euphoric feeling. HHC can also induce euphoria.
According to some sources, the potency of HHC is approximately 70-80% of the original potency of THC.
Some consumers report that despite the fact that HHC is weaker, it has given them similar effects and benefits to THC.
However, unlike THC, HHC is legal.

Sale of HHC

Sales are currently not restricted in the country. And that is why new products are springing up in the world every day. The most popular lately is Cartridge in combination with Vape Foam. The exception is the sale of flowers that are originally CBD flowers but contain HHC concentrate (they may contain the legally allowed amount of THC, i.e. the minimum age is 18 years).

Forms of HHC

HHC can be purchased in any form you can think of! The most commonly used variant among consumers is vaporization through so-called "Vape Foams" together with a cartridge. Flowers, cartridges, gummy bears, cookies, tears, oils... You can find most of the mentioned variants in our e-shop. People who have tried HHC (in any form) confirm mostly only positive experiences. Most often they discuss that HHC helped them with sleep, with nausea, nausea, better mood, etc...  

Taking HHC

HHC can be bought in the following form: joints, bongs, pipes or vape foam. Cartridges are the best way to inhale HHC.These cartridges contain more than 96% HHC and less than 1% THC. The biggest advantages of vape foam:

  • No unpleasant smoke smell!
  • Pleasant taste in the mouth!
  • No cigarette butts!
  • Storage, discretion, etc.